HiPstory Network

Hands-on . Individualized . Project-based

HiPstory is a hands-on, individualized, project, & inquiry-based approach to History and Social Studies.

HiPstory integrates inquiry, design/computational thinking, and technology with Social Studies to create an innovative classroom experience that is fun, engaging, empowering, and fosters 21st Century skills in students.

Our goal is to promote hands-on, individualized, project-based historical inquiry, & to connect HiP Social Studies teachers everywhere. #HiPstory

As several have stated, we need to involve our students in their learning. History shouldn’t be just memorizing facts and dates, or reading outdated textbooks. A hands-on, individualized, project-based approach has students reading primary sources, analyzing information, conducting research, and creating different historical products. In short, it shows them how to BE historians.

This is how we can create effective citizens that can connect the past to the present.

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