Become a Mentor

Hands-on . Individualized . Project-based

The concept of this program, and website, is to connect Social Studies teachers that are experienced in using a Hands-on, Individualized, Project, and Inquiry-based approach with novice teachers that are looking to take their first steps in their own teaching.

There are many premade projects, ideas, templates, and other tools out there to help get teachers started in this style of teaching. However, we believe that there needs to be a human connection to help support the teachers that want to attempt this type of teaching.

This will require a time commitment by you, the mentor, as you help guide and give feedback to an aspiring teacher. The expectation of this program, is that you would be able to make three (3) to five (5) connections, via Google Hangouts or Skype, with a mentee.

One (1) to two (2) connection(s) to plan out / develop a project.

One (1) to two (2) connection(s) during the mentee's project.

One (1) connection after the project to reflect on the experience and the process.

If you would like more information about the program, please contact